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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Dem and Dumber

Hold tight - cuz the asylum is about to get a bit more insane.

It's lookin' like the last bit of sanity (Rodney Capel) will soon be fleeing the coup, and that the State of NY's Dem-a-goguery is bound for even more misery.

Hard to believe that's possible, right?

One would think that Herman D. and Co. would take this precious opportunity to scout some new, fresh talent ... or just to scout - period.

But one would so obviously be wrong. For the second time in as many years, it appears the shit's just gonna continue to sail downstream, to the next puppet in line.

Now, Frank Hoare, could very well be a great guy; but, what the fuck??? Herman D. should at least pretend to work a bit harder.

Otherwise, we're not really sure how HDF can justify the oodles of duckets he pulls from the State Dem. Committee ($50,000+ in 2004, and that's in addition to his take as an Assemblyman)???

Problem is, Republicans a floundering does not a strong Democratic Party make.