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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Roomie's Take Home Pay

So Let's See....

Where would Roomie rather work?

The East Wing of New York's City Hall or the West Wing of the White House?

Ummm. Hmm....

Well, if it pays to play (so to speak), then looks like Roomie would most definitely opt for that part-time gig in lulu-ville ... yeah, you remember the one ...

Cuz, take for example the role of Chief of Staff:

At the White House, the job of managing POTUS's rinky dink crew (which, btw, runs the US of A) earns Josh Bolten $165,200;

But at the Council, running Speaker Quinn's empire (which runs ... eh ... the East Wing of City Hall) earns the yet unchucked Chuck Meara $175,000. BAM!

Or take Karl Rove. Perhaps you've heard of him? He's that brainy little Senior Advisor/Deputy Chief of Staff dude who also earns $165,200;

Compare that chump's change to Speaker Quinn's First Deputy Chief, one Ramon Martinez III (perhaps you've heard of him as well???). Homey earns a cool $180K. ISHK!! Roomie likey this trend!

So, let's see ... New York City Council? White House? ... Council? White House?

The list of incomparables goes on, but Roomie will not bore you further with the sordid details.

Full list of White House salaries viewable right here.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Why Mommy Is Full of Shit!

... and a Democrat As Well?

Excerpts from Why Mommy is a Democrat follow:

Note to Self:
Remember what Roomie says - that if mommy ever, ever tries to brainwash impressionable little me like this - to just punch her in the face! One little memorable punch ... that's all.