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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Quinn-Quinn Here...

...and a Quinn-Quinn There

Nothing like not quite doing the peoples' biz - and circuitously, at that. Predecessor Miller was a pro at this, and his successor Quinn - not so shabby herself.

First it was the kissing of the ass (may he RIP). And now, it's the revengeful kicking of the ass.

Word on the street: the mighty Quinn is letting out her more political personnel to tackle all sorts of annoyances; one major one being maverick Council Member and Queens County hater, Hiram Monserrate.

Starting today, Quinn is committing some of her government folk to support Monserrate's State Senate opponent, John Sabini.

We say: Way to take it to your membership!

We ask: Speaker Quinn, do you care to disclose where else you're parlaying your/our resources?

We also ask: As you pursue further special interest/lobbying reform (and we strongly suggest you do - cuz simply pushing your lobbyists onto the steps of City Hall ain't gonna cut it), how about requiring Council Members, you included, to disclose loud and clearly when staffers do double duty?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Queens County is as Queens County does... Speaker Quinn is just paying back and feeding the beast. Vote for Hiram Monserrate....

10:23 PM

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