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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Quinn's Hillary Gambit

Quinn Lends Staffer to Hillary

Because Hillary needs the help? Or, b/c ... Ramon Martinez's work at the City Council is done?

Roomie's confused, Ms. Speaker. Prey tell what you've done with this $180,000 resource.

Surely there's work on term limits to be done, no?


Anonymous Elena Ruth Sassower said...

The New York Times is being sued for election-rigging for Senator Clinton in a first-of-its-kind public interest lawsuit against it for journalistic fraud.

As the media has entirely suppressed coverage of this politically-explosive case, won't you "shine[] bright lights" upon it by your blog.

Full details -- and three press releases -- are posted on the website of the plaintiff non-partisan, non-profit citizens' organization, Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. --, accessible via the sidebar panel "Suing The New York Times".

Thank you.

Elena Ruth Sassower, Director
Center for Judicial Accountability, Inc. (CJA)
Tel: 914-421-1200
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4:22 AM

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