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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Democrats Eerily Silent on Hevesi

While Republicans lack all sorts of moral authority on matters of scandal, the extent to which New York Democrats have so wrongly played the Hevesi card is astonishing.

Unlike scandals of past, Hevesi provided Democrats a clear opportunity to show the world that they actually understand right from wrong. He did this by confessing to his own wrongdoings, at least $83,000 worth, and that should have been the end of it!

But no. In what seems a concerted effort to run out the clock on this election, Democrats would rather let all sorts of backroom "when should Hevesi resign" -processes play out first then take Alan Hevesi at his confession now.

Where are the Democratic reformers? Why has not one Democrat called for Hevesi's immediate resignation?

Instead, all we've gotten is this party line from Herman Denny Farrell, Chair of the NY Democratic Party:

“Alan Hevesi is a good comptroller who said today he is sorry for his mistake and will continue to cooperate fully with any inquiry,” Mr. Farrell said in the statement. “Voters will have an opportunity to make a judgment about him this November on the basis of his performance as Comptroller and his 35-year record of dedicated public service to the people of New York.”

Now, Roomie's read a bunch of crap, but this has to be one of the crappiest statements ever.

Imagine what would happen if Roomie or anyone of us sorta ... unknowingly ... you know ... stole $83,000 from wherever; and then, after being caught, tried to just go on with life with a simple apology. LOL. We'd be in the pokey so fast, it's not even funny. No LOL.

And then you have party line towers like consultants Jef Pollock and Howard Wolfsen who reiterated Farrell's argument on Inside City Hall last night, that this is a matter for the voters to decide.

Are you guys kidding us? This is no longer a matter for the voters to decide. This is a matter for the courts to decide. Your comptroller admittedly picked your pockets and ours - what else do you need?

Not only did Alan already confess to at least $83,000 worth of wrongs, he's already written a check to us in an effort to make it all go away. What is Roomie missing?

And then we have Eliot Spitzer whose mealymouthed inability to demand Hevesi's resignation is frightening. If this is what the maverick of Wall Street has planned for Albany, then looks like New York State's government will top the dysfunction list for at least four more years.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Driving Mr. Hevesi To The Slammer?

Somebody, Puh-lease!

Roomie's been way deep in slumber lately, very much enjoying the hiatus. But, even Roomie couldn't help but get a wee bit excited about our NYS Con-Troller.

There's nothing more Roomie loves than pols who so brazenly disrespect the voters. Luvs it!

The way you had your wife driven around, Mr. Hevesi - 'twas super-fly (er, sly?)! The way you didn't even think about paying us back until after your opponent raised the issue - balls to the fucking wall!

And today, the way you just spat in the face of the State Ethics commission, despite their new, rather alarming findings - pure, unadulterated genius!

You, King Comptroller, are the man!

So, on behalf of all the voters, Mr. Hevesi, Roomie would like to extend to you a big FU for caring ... about the keeping of your job!