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Monday, October 23, 2006

Driving Mr. Hevesi To The Slammer?

Somebody, Puh-lease!

Roomie's been way deep in slumber lately, very much enjoying the hiatus. But, even Roomie couldn't help but get a wee bit excited about our NYS Con-Troller.

There's nothing more Roomie loves than pols who so brazenly disrespect the voters. Luvs it!

The way you had your wife driven around, Mr. Hevesi - 'twas super-fly (er, sly?)! The way you didn't even think about paying us back until after your opponent raised the issue - balls to the fucking wall!

And today, the way you just spat in the face of the State Ethics commission, despite their new, rather alarming findings - pure, unadulterated genius!

You, King Comptroller, are the man!

So, on behalf of all the voters, Mr. Hevesi, Roomie would like to extend to you a big FU for caring ... about the keeping of your job!


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